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88% of online shoppers buy from non-Irish sites – PayPal

88% of Irish consumers who shop online bought from websites outside of Ireland during the last year, according to research carried out by PayPal.

The study involving more than 1,000 consumers in Ireland found that almost four in five (78%) of those who bought from websites outside of Ireland spent with UK retailers during this time.

43% bought from websites based in Europe, while 38% spent with websites based in China and 21% purchased products from US websites.

According to the research, those who shop online spent €385 with retailers outside of Ireland in the last year.

This amount was slightly higher than the average amount spent by consumers on Irish websites during the same period, which was €357 on average.

65% of respondents said their main reason for buying outside of Ireland was better pricing, 51% said more choice, while 46% said greater availability.

Meanwhile, 48% said they chose Irish websites due to faster delivery, while 44% wanted to support local businesses.

The survey also revealed that over half of Irish consumers expect to buy more products than before from international retailers over the next year.

Joachim Goyvaerts, Director of Ireland and Benelux for PayPal, said the research shows that demand for online shopping has never been greater.

“As a result of the pandemic and recurring lockdowns, it is no longer just important but absolutely necessary that Irish businesses provide a digital offering.

“Of course, they shouldn’t look at this as a short-term investment because the growing dominance of online shopping won′t ease – even when restrictions do,” he said.

Article Source – 88% of online shoppers buy from non-Irish sites – PayPal – RTE

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