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Welcoming staff back to the workplace

Covid restrictions are gradually being eased in Ireland and we here at Lombard Accountants couldn’t be happier about that, working from home is great but we’ve been home long enough. So, it’s time to start thinking about welcoming your staff back to the workplace. So long and good riddance to Zoom meetings! 

After a year of working from home during the lockdown in Ireland, some staff will be relishing the move back to the office and some may be nervous to move back to the office or workplace. People will be anxious, worried and out of practice with the social norms of working in the same space, especially new hires that you have brought in during Covid. As an employer, it’s your job to make your staff feel safe, cared for and confident when they return to work.

The team here at Lombard Accountants have gathered together some simple tips for a safe and stress-free return to the workplace.

Here are some key ways to get your business ready:

  • Restructure the layout and social distancing of your workplace – It’s unlikely that all social-distancing restrictions will be immediately gone and staff may be anxious to maintain a safe distance from colleagues. For a while, we’ll still need to keep our distance, so think about reworking the flow of people through your office/workspace and move desks/partition walls/equipment etc. 
  • Stagger your staffs return to work – One great way to reduce the initial impact is to stagger your staffs return to work. Consider only having certain teams/departments/project groups in on certain days, to keep the number of people in the space to a limit. Using hotdesking, with a top limit of people per day is another option.
  • Allow your staff the option of hybrid working – Switching to hybrid working gives your staff greater flexibility, allowing them to choose whether they work from home or in the office. This mix also reduces the number of people in the workspace at any given time, helping you maintain safe levels of occupancy.
  • Communicate with your team– Every person on your staff will have their own level of concern and worry around coming back to the workplace. Some will be extremely eager to stop home-working while others may be delighted to leave the house again but will be wary and anxious about being back in a social working environment. Talk to each member of staff 1-2-1 on a regular basis and check in on their mental health.
  • Be an understanding boss – Covid has been tough on us all, ultimately, your team will be looking for your leadership, but also for you to be understanding of their own individual situations. A happy and stress-free team will be a more productive and efficient team, so put their minds at rest, create a safe workspace and offer them all the support they may need.

The return to office working full time is bound to happen over the coming months in Ireland and we here at Lombard Accountants understand that your staff are all individuals with their own concerns about returning to the workplace post-pandemic. Communication is key here, don’t be afraid to discuss the return with your staff and how best you can accommodate their return to the workplace. 

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