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Creating a single page marketing plan for your business

The Lombard Accountants team understand that Generating leads is the biggest challenge faced by many business owners as we enter the new normal of life with Covid. And if you want more enquiries, leads and sales, that means investing in more marketing for your small or medium-sized business.

As Ireland slowly exits lockdown you may be looking to kickstart some promotional activity or want to rejuvenate your current marketing, a short one-page marketing plan gives you all the foundations you need for success.

So, how do you create a workable one-pager plan to kickstart some effective marketing? 

Here are some key steps to include in your marketing plan from the Lombard Accountants team:

  • Set out your core brand vision – knowing WHY you’re in business is your key starting point for any marketing. Your brand vision should outline what the business does, why it does it and (crucially) what the added value is you intend to bring to your customers. If you’re a coffee shop, you don’t just sell coffee – your brand vision may be to create a focal point in the community, to sell cakes and pastries from other local suppliers and to help people start their day with a world-class hit of caffeine.
  • Explain how you solve your customers’ problems – a good business strategy is all about meeting the needs of your intended customers. That means knowing the challenges, pain points or consumer needs of your audience, and then tailoring your marketing to explain how you solve that problem or provide for that need. Outlining your unique selling point (USP) means explaining how your business meets the customer’s need in a way that your competitors cannot – it’s your secret sauce, in other words.
  • Outline your marketing channels – in the digital age, there are multiple channels for marketing your goods and services to your audience. Your website might be a key hub for online marketing content, and your social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube etc are equally important. Chose one that showcases your brand best.
  • Explain how you’ll generate sales and revenue? – ultimately, you’re running marketing activity to 1) raise awareness of your brand and 2) convert this awareness into enquiries, sales and revenue. Within your plan, you need a clear explanation of how each marketing element will bring in potential interest, enquiries and sales. You also need to assign timescales, resourcing and budget to each of these elements.

When you’re ready to create your marketing plan, start with your business strategy. Spend some time gathering information on your target audience and the marketplace. The Lombard Accountants team hope that these tips help your business grow your marketing.

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