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Covid adjusted jobless rate falls to pandemic-low of 13.5%

The monthly unemployment rate in July was 6.5%, according to the latest figures from the Central Statistics Office.

When those on the Pandemic Unemployment Payment are included, the Covid-adjusted unemployment rate was 13.5%.

This compares to a Covid-adjusted rate of 16.2% and a traditional unemployment rate of 6.7% in June.

28.6% of those unemployed under the Covid-adjusted measure were between the ages of 15-24. 11% were over 25.

The CSO estimates approximately 8.1% of those on the PUP are in full-time education.

This equates to just over 13,000 people in July.

Live Register figures were also published by the CSO today.

They show the combined number of people either on the Live Register or in receipt of the PUP was 346,902 in July.

In the last week of July, there were 163,327 people on the PUP. That is down 64,995 on June and down 112,742 on July 2020.

The release also contains a figure for June that includes those on
the Live Register, the PUP and the Employment Wage Subsidy Scheme

That combined figure was 728,748 in June, down 23% compared to 951,605 in June of last year.

Article Source – Covid adjusted jobless rate falls to pandemic-low of 13.5% – RTE – Robert Shortt

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