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How to handle bad reviews about your business

The Lombard Accountants team are acutely aware that in this day and age online reviews have become the new go-to on social and they have tremendous power when it comes to influencing decision-making behaviours. Research shows that over half of all consumers are likely to seek out additional information and that online reviews matter most before buying products and services.

If your business reviews don’t currently have the 5-star ratings you wanted and you’ve received a number of disappointing reviews, here are some tips:

For each negative review that has been posted, the Lombard Accountants  team recommend you should:

  • make sure you take the time to thank the reviewer for explaining the situation.
  • reach out to them personally to apologise and show that you understand what happened and that you appreciate their frustration.
  • to ensure the person feels heard, list some actions that you will undertake to review the process so that their experience doesn’t happen to others and that you are willing to take criticism.

Paying attention to customer reviews and dealing with them in a timely and positive manner can help to improve the number of positive reviews in the end, as well as manage expectations. Never underestimate the power of turning a negative into a positive.

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