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Does your business have a client reception procedure in place?

We at Lombard Accountants understand that reception is the face of your business. The first impression you give sets the tone of the relationship with your clients either over the phone or in person. How should you approach having the correct reception structure in place for your business?

Follow this guide from the Lombard Accountants team.

1. All clients are to be greeted warmly at reception, using their name where possible. Smile and make them feel welcome.

2. Introduce yourself to the client if you haven’t already met them.

3. If the client doesn’t have an appointment, see how you can help them or locate the person most likely to be able to deal with their query.

4. If the client has an appointment, offer them refreshments or something to read while they wait.

5. Clients should not be kept waiting. Advise the team member the client is here to see that the client has arrived. If they’re running late, provide an estimate of how long they’ll be.

6. If, for reasons outside our control, a client is kept waiting, simply thank them for waiting.

7. Clients are to be escorted to the team member’s office and escorted back to reception at the end of the meeting.

8. Thank the client for coming in and say goodbye. Show appreciation for them taking time out of their day to meet you.

Leaving the client with the best possible impression of your business is key, however, it shouldn’t stop there. It’s not only important to create a good impression, but you should also be laying the foundation for a strong, friendly and honest relationship.

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