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Remote working is on the rise. How do you support your virtual team?

It’s evident to the Lombard Accountants team that remote working has become more and more common in Ireland as lockdowns have changed our working life and developments in technology have allowed us to communicate and collaborate no matter where we are. Remote working has worked for many companies during the pandemic and trusting your staff to work from home will show them trust and improve performance in many cases.

So what do you consider before introducing remote working for your team? Follow the Lombard Accountants guide to a better remote working strategy.

When you’re working with a remote team, communication is key, and as the employer, it’s your job to provide the resources and systems to make this happen. Typically, these might include:

  • Laptops and any other tech as required
  • Compensation if an employee is using their home internet connection
  • A way to stay in touch with the team, beyond email. Platforms like Slack are great for team communication
  • Guidelines around how often and in what way the entire team will catch up
  • Project management tools that are accessible for every worker

With these essentials in place, the biggest factor in making remote work a success for your company is workplace culture. Consider upskilling your management team to make sure they are ready to support your remote staff or even to give them the skills to allow them to do their roles remotely

If you’re planning to offer remote work to your team, make sure you have strong communication channels, and robust systems to support your flexible workers.

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