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How’s your work-life balance?

It’s understood in the Lombard Accountants office that after lockdowns and restrictions due to COVID-19, you might find yourself thinking about your priorities – at least, that’s been the case for a lot of business owners in Ireland. 

So, can you run your business effectively and still have enough time left over to do the things you love and spend time with your loved ones? You’re the best judge of how much time your business needs, but don’t neglect your wellbeing. If you would like to take back some personal time, you could consider these tips from the team here at Lombard Accountants:

  • Delegating – don’t try to do everything yourself
  • Saying no – not every project is worth taking on
  • Investing in systems – to reduce time on admin or paperwork
  • Taking all your leave – find ways to have breaks and holidays

It’s important that you can step back at some point to take a holiday, travel, or spend time with family. Being tied to your business for more than 60 hours each week isn’t a sustainable way to take care of your health and higher profits aren’t worth that sacrifice.

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