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Three steps to social media success for your business

The Lombard Accountants team are aware that social media marketing can be a compelling way to solidify branding, create quality leads, and drive sales. Or it can be a time-wasting chore that doesn’t represent your brand in the marketplace and doesn’t connect with your customers.

Here are some tips from the Lombard Accountants team to ensure your social media has a clear strategy and strong follow-through, this can help humanise your business, creating a brand that feels familiar, relatable, and magnetic.

  • Have absolute clarity about your positioning. What do you stand for as a business, who is your target audience, and what do you do (in simple lay terms)?
  • Understand the ‘internal questions’ your customers might have, meaning what are the obstacles that stand in the way of a customer buying from you. If you understand this then you can create content that answers these questions.
  • Establish what platforms your customers live on. Different demographics favour different platforms and each platform has its own ‘culture’.

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