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Offering the best after-sales service for your business

We know that the client is always right at Lombard Accountants. It’s not simply excellent business management to keep a client pleased; it’s also good for business and repeat business. You want your consumers to feel important and that they’re spending their money with a company that values their business and is prepared to prove it. Having a solid after-sales service can only benefit your business, whether you’re selling high-ticket things or your own services.

Interacting with someone who has recently purchased something from you or used your services is an excellent way to begin building a customer relationship. Take advantage of being top-of-mind and see where it may lead you – and make sure you’re giving this brand-new customer the greatest after-sales care possible. It may result in a referral or, at the very least, continued commerce with that consumer.

The Lombard Accountants team has some suggestions for providing excellent after-sales service:

  • Have a fantastic customer service culture — if a new client has a query or an issue, make it as simple as possible for them to contact you. It’s critical that your customer service is nice, helpful, and conveys the correct impression of your company, whether it’s through a phone helpline or email assistance. If new consumers leave with a positive impression, it might be the beginning of a long and rewarding relationship.
  • Check in – checking that a customer is happy with their product/service is always a good idea. They may be a brand-new customer, or they may be an established buyer of your products, but you want them to know that you care. 
  • Install an after-sales email function – following a transaction, it never hurts to send a thank-you email to the customer, or even better, has certain emails saved in your database for different tiers of clients, such as first-timers and repeat customers. These will include things like thanking them for purchasing the goods, soliciting comments, checking in on their ongoing product requirements, and giving them special customer offers.
  • Offer exclusive deals– Customers like to feel special, so creating exclusive customer offers is one way to make your audience feel valued. Offer them discounts, give them early access to new services, or send them a discount offer when they reach certain milestones as a customer. 

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