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Tips on handling remote working in your company

Some companies, such as the Lombard Accountants team continue to facilitate working from home options for some staff even as Covid 19 limitations are eased. We recognize that everyone has a unique management style and that during the lockdown you may have had to deal with issues that you may not have experienced in your typical workday.

The team at Lombard Accountants has compiled some tips that make working from home less challenging for your company and can help increase employee productivity.

Avoid having an excessive number of meetings each day

Some meetings are misunderstood by businesses as interruptions. There is a substantial correlation between employee attendance at meetings and everyday weariness. Feelings of overburden and exhaustion grew as the number of meetings did. Aim to streamline your meeting calendar and consider reducing the number of meetings you attend over the week. What matters call for meetings, and what may be handled by email, Slack, etc.

Consider reducing the length of your meetings by 

  1. Have a clear goal and topic for your meeting. 
  2. Have a time limit on your meeting.
  3. Make sure everyone involved has a clear overview of what will be discussed and why the meeting is taking place. 
  4. Reduce the numbers in your meetings, only have meetings with staff directly involved in the topic of the meeting.
  5. Set tasks and trust your staff to meet the goals you set. 

Making your meetings shorter and more to the point will help improve productivity and it will help your staff focus. 

Be clear on staff assignments for remote workers

The fact is that multitasking may make you feel productive, but it may not. Even while it may appear like multitasking two things at once is the pinnacle of effectiveness, research reveals that the time we spend moving between activities drains our cognitive resources and reduces productivity.

Send requests, emails, etc. instead of doing online meetings. Encourage employees to schedule uninterrupted chunks of time so they can focus and complete tasks.

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