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Is your after-sales service in place to help your business?

We recognize that the client is always right here at Lombard Accountants. Not only is it wise business management to keep customers satisfied, but it also encourages repeat business. You want your clients to feel appreciated and that they are doing business with a company that values their patronage and is eager to express that thanks. Having a strong after-sales service can only benefit your business, whether you are selling expensive goods or perhaps your own services.

Interacting with someone that has just bought from you or used your services is a golden opportunity to start building a customer relationship. Take advantage of being top-of-mind and see where it can take you – and ensure you’re offering the best after-sales service to this brand-new customer. It could lead to a referral, or at least to continuous business with that customer. 

Here are some tips on offering good after-sales service from the Lombard Accountants team:

  • Have a great customer service culture – if a new customer has questions or a problem, you need to make it as easy as possible to get in touch. Whether this is via a phone helpline or email support, it’s important that your customer service is friendly, and helpful and creates the right impression of your brand. If new customers leave with a good feeling, that can be the start of a long and valued relationship.
  • Check-in – checking that a customer is happy with their product/service is always a good idea. They may be a brand-new customer, or they may be an established buyer of your products, but you want them to know that you care. 
  • Set up an after-sales email – once a sale is made, it never hurts to send the customer a thank you email, or even better have some emails stored on your database for different levels of customers, such as first-timers or returning.  These will include things like congratulating them on buying the product, asking them for feedback, checking in on their ongoing product needs and sending them exclusive customer offers.
  • Offer exclusive deals– Customers like to feel special, so creating exclusive customer offers is one way to make your audience feel valued. Offer them discounts, give them early access to new services, or send them a discount offer when they reach certain milestones as a customer. 

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