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Are you making time for mindfulness for you & your employees?

Lombard Accountants understand that as business owners, the pressure of being the driving force behind a business can be massive. It can be a stressful experience, and this can have an impact on your well-being and also the well-being of your employees.

Running a business takes up so much of your time, and can consume your waking thoughts. But a tired, stressed and anxious owner is not an effective owner – so there’s an increasing need to focus on mental health and to bring elements of mindfulness, meditation and contemplation into your routine. And, investing in employee wellbeing is good for the bottom line for your business too.

So, what can you do to focus more clearly on wellbeing in your workplace? And how do you bring a more sympathetic and empathetic approach to your management style?

Look at these tips to reduce your stress, turn down the pressure and refocus your thoughts on mindfulness from the Lombard Accountants team:

  • Get educated about mindfulness – read up around mindfulness and wellbeing, so you understand the benefits of taking time out to contemplate your thoughts. Knowing what you’re signing up for will help you to appreciate the value of mindfulness and its place in a busy work environment.
  • Improve your work/life balance – reduce your working hours to something reasonable and aim to achieve a better work/life balance. Pushing yourself and your staff to the limit, by working long hours with no breaks, will ultimately lead to burnout and mental health issues. So, redress the balance now and achieve a positive impact.
  • Schedule time for mindfulness – to make a positive difference to your stress levels, you need to make time for mindfulness and other activities that will help you relax. Book time in your diary for some form of contemplation (or exercise) so this becomes a key part of your daily or weekly routine.
  • Talk to your staff about mindfulness – a focus on positive mental health must be communicated through the whole business. Share your core values with your team and allow them the time and resources to try out mindfulness, yoga or meditation. These initiatives will only work once employees have bought into the concepts.

If you’re feeling like the pressures of your business are getting on top of you, now’s the time to act. Switch to a more mindful approach to your work regime and aim for this core value to be replicated throughout your company – so the whole team benefits from this proactive change.

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